The Coronavirus can kill companies too!

The hysteria generally triggered and whipped up by the media about a new virus, whether justified or unauthorized, is completely irrelevant at this point, hindering, interrupting or destroying important global supply chains. Every producing or trading company, which travels internationally or globally, is affected, no matter how big it is. This event is also symptomatic […]

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How are smartphone apps created?

One of the most fascinating trends in current software and app development is the term “augmented reality” or “AR”. The idea behind this is to enrich our view of reality – using recognition software to offer additional information and content for existing products, for example. At a time when smartphones have long since become a […]

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Kinaxis and mSE Solutions together at the BME Pharma Supply Chain Congress

Kinaxis and mSE Solutions will have a joint appearance at the fourth edition of the BME Pharma Supply Chain Congress. The venue will take place from February, 12th – 14th, at the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt/Main, as in the previous editions. We’d like to invite you to attend the joint presentation of Harish Iyer, VP […]

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mSE Solutions Welcomes Diversity

At the beginning of 2019, a law will come into effect in Germany that officially confirms a third gender in addition to male and female. The term used will be “diverse”, and it encompasses all possible gender options and refers, among other things, to the topic of “diversity”. What does this mean for employers in […]

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Networking and professional exchange of thoughts at Kinexions 2018 in Washington, D.C.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for the numerous intensive and informative discussions and the great interest in Klaus Imping’s presentation at Kinexions 2018. During the conference, our colleagues were able to make exciting new contacts, and also get to know the colleagues from our partner Kinaxis better, who we […]

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mSE Solutions at the Kinexions 2018

We’d like to invite you to join Klaus Imping’s (COO, mSE Solutions) talk at the 2018 Kinaxis User Conference as he explores best practices within an industry case for tapping into the full potential of RapidResponse so organizations not only know sooner but are also able to truly “Act faster” in response to change. We […]

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The construction of the mSE innovation center in Unterammergau is forging ahead

After the cornerstone was laid in March, work on the project is proceeding rapidly. The ensemble of buildings that is currently under construction on Weiherweg in Unterammergau will house an innovation center, an art gallery, a hotel and a restaurant. The company founder and CEO Christian Zott plans to open the building complex in the […]

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Expanding your sales channel – renting instead of buying in the B2B sector

Imagine you’re on holiday and want to drive around. Would you choose to buy or rent a car? You’d rent one, of course! The answer is so obvious that the question sounds rather ridiculous.  In the B2B sector, we are faced with many similarly clear-cut cases where renting should be the obvious solution. Nevertheless, the […]

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Supply chain management with SAP – switch tools in time

The supply chain management tool SAP APO will be phased out over the next few years. Dr. Ernst Hagg from OBSIDIAN IT.SERVICES explains how to switch systems economically and with an eye to the future.  Lots of companies manage their supply chains using the SAP module APO (Advanced Planning and Optimisation). What many don’t know […]

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Expert talk: Do we really need the sales team for a quality forecast?

Rolf Winterhoff / Director of Operations at mSE Solutions GmbH, Lübeck Fred W. Schellert / Global Director Business Development at mSE Solutions GmbH, Munich Fred: „Let’s face it, when a demand planner asks for a monthly forecast review, most sales people’s natural instinct is …escape, get outta here! It’s just one of those things a sales […]

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