mSE Solutions at the Kinexions 2018

We’d like to invite you to join Klaus Imping’s (COO, mSE Solutions) talk at the 2018 Kinaxis User Conference as he explores best practices within an industry case for tapping into the full potential of RapidResponse so organizations not only know sooner but are also able to truly “Act faster” in response to change. We […]

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Expert talk: Do we really need the sales team for a quality forecast?

Rolf Winterhoff / Director of Operations at mSE Solutions GmbH, Lübeck Fred W. Schellert / Global Director Business Development at mSE Solutions GmbH, Munich Fred: „Let’s face it, when a demand planner asks for a monthly forecast review, most sales people’s natural instinct is …escape, get outta here! It’s just one of those things a sales […]

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Does revising planning figures again and again really make them better?

Imagine you are having an important meeting with your customer’s planning department. After much discussion, you take a break. While sipping your coffees, you ask them “off the record” what they consider to be their main problem with supply chain planning. Instead of giving you a detailed answer about specific planning issues, they often surprisingly […]

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Tapping unused potential in the analysis and comparison of planning phases vs. final orders

In countless planning sessions and reviews I have taken part in over the years, a lot of time has been spent on explaining why plans have to be changed. Why do we assess the market differently than a month or two ago, why do we believe that customers (will) want more of something or something […]

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