Supply chain management with SAP – switch tools in time

The supply chain management tool SAP APO will be phased out over the next few years. Dr. Ernst Hagg from OBSIDIAN IT.SERVICES explains how to switch systems economically and with an eye to the future.  Lots of companies manage their supply chains using the SAP module APO (Advanced Planning and Optimisation). What many don’t know […]

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mSE Solutions has a new Website!

mSE has a brand new look. Just in time to celebrate our 30th birthday , we launched our new Website. It´s got a new structure, compacted content and is fully responsive. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Happy Surfing!

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Why innovative e2e supply chain management will sharpen your competitive edge

Let’s face it: no one really talks about the ongoing efforts of all the people committed to optimizing the Supply Chain unless there is a major catastrophe. No one congratulates the team when deliveries are on time. No one talks about all the savings that are achieved by optimizing the value stream. Supply Chain Management with […]

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Peeling the onion of structured and comprehensive SC data analysis

We often hear about a rare or “lost” book that has been found hidden away in a library or an unknown masterpiece that has been discovered in a museum’s collection. They were always actually there, of course, but no one knew about them. And so no one specifically searched for them. When discovered, however, they […]

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Don’t get caught in the “no transparency trap”​

“No way, we can’t give all that information to our customer. Then they’ll have complete insight into how we work and see where our weak points are. And what if they take the information straight to the competition?“ Heard that before? You probably have, and your initial reaction was probably similar. Why should your customer […]

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Always think end-to-end: analysis – strategy – execution – reality check

When you walk up to that first tee shot, armed with your driver and ball, and you feel the eyes of your flight partners boring into you, you better be prepared if you want to hole in with a decent score on the green. Sure, you can talk to the ball, threaten to dump it […]

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Don´t get caught in the “1+1>2 trap”

Your math teacher in school would certainly have had serious concerns with this equation, and you might find that in today’s business world it hardly ever works either. At least not without a winning concept. Mergers & Acquisitions can be a great tool to increase your market share, secure a better global presence or expand […]

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“Don´t get caught in the bunker mentality trap.”

„I have no idea why we have problems with our supply chain, but my department is doing fine. Everybody else needs to get their act together.“ Heard this before? The various departments in your company involved in your supply chain are all trying hard to optimize their actions and operations. Sales, logistics, controlling, purchasing, service […]

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“The potential is still enormous.”

The consulting firm and solutions provider mSE Solutions helps companies to gain competitive advantages by optimizing their supply chain processes. In the following interview, Klaus Imping, COO of mSE Solutions, explains what is involved and why supply chain management is still a challenge for companies. The term “supply chain management” (SCM) has been used in […]

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Don’t get caught in the “overnight trap“

„The good news is, your spare part is available. The bad news … it’s halfway around the world. But we’ll overnight it so you can get things back up and running tomorrow.“ Have you ever had to say that to a customer before? It happens daily to companies across the globe. Countless service technicians, their […]

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